Local SEO Services and Regional SEO Campaigns

What is Local SEO or Regional SEO? How can it help you and your business?

When a user searches online for products and services they will frequently include the area in the search so that they only see the results near to them.  In the example below we have used the regional search term “estate agents Berkhamsted”,  the results displayed will be a mixture of natural search results and local search results along with the normally paid ads.  When we say “local search results” we mean the Google Places results, these particular results correspond with a place markers and are also highlighted on the map.

The example on the left details how the search results are constructed when a user searches for a local or region based keyword.  The results are typically made up of Local Results, Natural Results and Google Map.


The number of results that appear on local search result pages varies from term to term. By default Google normally shows 10 results on a page of results and this is usually the same in the local search results, although the makeup of the types of links in those result pages is slightly different.


In the example shown on this page, there are 3 natural search results and 7 local search results. These results are labelled with a map place marker (A-G), which are also highlighted on the map.

A Google Places page allows you to display relevant information and content about your business. It helps by allowing you to market and promote your business brand on Google’s network so you can share updates, receive reviews from your customer and publicly publish content relative to your business.

Now is more important than ever to come up in the local search results.  Google have adapted the way that they present local search results making them different to the normal organic rankings so you should have a Google Plus Business Page to show up in the Map Listing results when a user is searching for your keywords in your regional area.

We can help you manage your Google My Business page and connect with you existing and prospective clients, contact us to discuss a strategy and get ahead of your competitors.


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