The Best SEO Extensions For Google Chrome

Free download links in the article

Listed below in no particular order are the extensions we feel are the best for SEO and using to optimise websites.

All extensions are free to download and are for use with Google Chrome web browser button links to the download pages are in the article below.

Plugin Name Developed By
Canonical Inspector
Redirect Path Ayima
Check My Links Paul Livingstone
Open SEO Stats(Formerly: PageRank Status)
SEO Quake

NoFollow by

nofollow chrome extension by igorware

The extension will display a pop-up box on any page based on how you configure the extension,  for example, it will pop-up on any page that has the meta robots set to noindex/nofollow.

This is how the settings look.

settings nofollow chrome extension igorware

Canonical Inspector by


The extension will show you if the rel canonical tag in the page source code matches the URL being shown in the web browser.  If it matches the icon displays grey and if it doesn't match the icon displays blue.

  Canonical tag matches the URL

   Canonical tag does not match the URL


Redirect Path by Ayima

The plugin does exactly as the names suggest and show the user the redirect path used to get to the final URL.

Helpful as shows the user if the redirect is 301 or 302.

Can also be used to show header status codes such as normal 200 OK status and 404 Error status.


Check My Links by Paul Livingstone

The plugin will check all the links on the page and show you which links are broken.

Great for finding where the broken link is on the page and great for finding your link is placed within page content.

Open SEO Stats by

open seo stats chrome extension by chromefans

This extension offers a whole host of information and is great for finding out pretty much anything you want to know with regards to SEO for the website you're looking at.

Information can be obtained specific to the page but you can also find out domain specific data too.

One of our favourite features is the Google cache check.

open seo stats chrome extension by


seo quake chrome extension by seoquake

SEO Quake is a great extension but it must be configured correctly otherwise, it won't be long before you are getting captcha requests from Google, this is because by default the extension is set to Load parameters on page load.

Avoid any captcha issues but setting all Load parameters to "By request"

load parameters by request seo quake chrome extension


wappalyzer chrome extension by

We really like the Wappalyzer extension because is allows you to quickly and easily see all the technologies that are running on websites it will show information on

  • web servers
  • content management systems
  • e-commerce platforms
  • analytics tools
  • javascript frameworks
  • programming languages

Much of the information can be found in other extensions but the great thing about Wappalyzer is it's done with one click of a button and it consistently accurate


stats wappalyzer chrome extension by

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