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Since Yoast released his free plugin but it has been a huge success.  Having been downloaded a whopping 7,898,475 times at the time this post was written (23rd Jan 2014) making the plugin one of the most popular and most downloaded plugins ever, impressive numbers as shown in the images below taken from yoast.com and wordpress.org.

WordPress › WordPress SEO by Yoast « WordPress Plugins 2014-01-24

image created from wordpress.org

WordPress SEO Plugin • Search Engine Optimization Plugin • Yoast 2014-01-24

image created from yoast.com

As of today (23rd Jan 2014) yoast have announced that they:will not run a premium version of the SEO plugin so WordPress SEP Premium Plugin has now been born and it costs are as shown below:

  • Single site $89 US Dollars
  • Upto 5 sites $169 US Dollars
  • Upto 20 sites $329 US Dollars

New features include a redirect manager that allows you to manage redirects within your WordPress install which also intergrated with crawl errors when linked to your Google Webmaster tools.

Set to make a mint?

Broadly speaking and OK I appreciate in this scenario I am assuming all premium users are 1 site users, at $89, if Yoast can convert 1% to premium plugin users then they would make a mouthwatering $7m, sounds very nice, so Mr Joost if you are reading this I wish you good luck!

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