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The world is fast moving and fast changing.

Over the past two decades, we have embraced all things digital. Therefore not surprisingly digital marketing is now the best way to your business's target market audience because searching online is now so common everybody online does it.

Gone are the paper-based days of the yellow pages phone book and local county directories, nowadays if you want to know something you are likely to find it using some sort of digital-based search, most of us use one of the two major search engines although believe it or not there are hundreds of search engines in operation.

User percentage figures tend to vary from one study to another.

One thing is consistently clear - the world favourite search engine is Google (65-70%) with the second and third favourites being Bing(15-20%) and Yahoo(10-15%)

Yahoo search results are generated by Bing as Yahoo don't run a search engine anymore they offer search on their domain with results powered by Bing this has been since 2011 prior to that Yahoo ran their own search engine.

Other minor search engines in terms of the search market share are AOL and Ask.

Searches engines offer a fantastic service they allow us to search for anything we want such as products, services or information.

We are living in the digital age where electronic and digital devices are readily available and all these devices are search ready with major search engines developing apps to allow easy integration onto whatever your device of choice.

Your phone, your tablet, your laptop, your TV or your old fashioned PC, the point is people are using search as part of their daily routine because it's is so quick, easy and people trust the results that they get are what they were looking for.

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