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(6th December 2013) Google have update the PageRank system for the first time sine February 4th 2013.

This update is also being reported by Shaun Anderson at Hobo Web pending confirmation from Google.

However Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land has confirmed the PR update. And confirmed to our twitter handle on December 7th.



Matt Cutts also confirmed the update via twitter.


Historically Google have always tended to update every 3 months so with no update coming by mid 2013 many SEOs are starting to wonder what is going on and leading to discussion and speculation within the SEO community that it is on its way to the SEO graveyard.

Many respected SEO blogs and bloggers have also posted their stories predicting the end and the SEO Master himself Mr Cutts even added fuel to the fire with some lovely tweets stating he does not expect another update in 2013.

Here are some links to the stories that were circulating claiming the end of PR.

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Land – Barry Schwartz

Search Engine Land – Danny Sullivan

SEO Round Table

SEO Moz Discussion

In October 2013, Head of Goolge Webspam team and general Google spokesman on SEO, Mr Matt Cutts told us that he would not be surprised is there is no update until 2014, seems that they kept him in the dark on this one!



6th of December 2013 and Google have delivered the PR update that we have all been waiting for, so dust off your little green PR tool-bars bars, reactivate your pr browser extensions and find out if Google is still giving you Larry Love.



Matt Cutts tells us more about PageRank

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